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"Her voice is impressive, powerful, and identifiable... I can’t imagine many people would be able to ignore her when she’s singing.  Even better is the fact that she actually has things to say. Her lyrics are empowering and positive and come from an undeniably female perspective. "

Lisa Mac is Having a Picnic - The Independent

Lisa Mac has become known in Las Vegas for her powerful, soulful voice and poignant blues-rock songwriting. Recently playing at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip with her band, and chosen as one of ten bands to compete for a spot at Life Is Beautiful Festival 2017, Lisa Mac has been touring nationally and getting ready to release her full length album. 

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 Check out this feature from Las Vegas's Smash Magazine: In Their Own Words with Lisa Mac

"We wanted something in the Arts District that would bring more diversity and new energy... performers included the powerful Lisa Mac... Soul Sessions focuses on artists who do more than play music... they create art that speaks to a person’s mind, body and spirit."


Lisa Mac at Soul Sessions 4 Year Anniversary Concert - Las Vegas Weekly

Lisa Mac at Soul Sessions 4 Year Anniversary Concert - Las Vegas Weekly

"I was delightfully pleased with Picnic. Bluesy singer Lisa Mac brings back the blues of the past in this new release... Lisa Mac is a Different Kind and she comes hard on her debut album"

Smash Magazine Album Review - Picnic
Smash Magazine

"We really can't say enough about this voice!! Wow!"

Goldmine Tavern (Las Vegas NV)

 "Meet Southern Utah native Lisa Mac, a Las Vegas-based musician who has been shocking audiences with her soulful original music and powerful vocals. Melding pieces of pop, blues, soul, and funk, Lisa Mac can have a crowd singing and dancing, or silence the room with her dynamic and engaging vocals. But it’s the original lyrics that keep her fans coming back time and again. Vulnerable and sweet, yet slightly tongue-in-cheek, her lyrics unfold a tragic love story with a silver lining.

Lisa recently held her own and represented female artists everywhere in Life is Beautiful’s Battle of the Bands 2017. She is currently performing and touring in Las Vegas and nationally, so be sure to catch her life show. You won’t want to miss it... and support this rising star."

Music Feature - Meet Lisa Mac
Raw Femme

"Lisa Mac kicked things off with a strong set marked by stylish and powerful vocals. Her emotional lyrics were accented by her brooding voice, while her guitarist added texture and her drummer kept expert time." 

"The Second Annual Battle of the Bands Rocks the Bunkhouse"

 "Lisa Mac has been singing since childhood, writing her first songs at 17 and recording and releasing her own album. She has been performing full time for the past year while recording her first studio EP, Picnic, released November 24, 2016. 

In her short professional career, each performance has met rave reviews. People young and old and from every background connect with the funky yet smooth sound and can’t help but fall into the groove with covers of rock legends like Janis Joplin to newer fare such as Beyonce and Rihanna."

"Lisa Mac Artist Spotlight"

"My first impression is she seems to be a Joss Stone, Pink, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson hybrid. Her opening song “Picnic” made you feel like you were on the beach being warmed by the sun during a reggae inspired beach party. “Apron Strings” and “Come “Hard” are dirty, groovy and bluesy with the latter having an electronic pop song vibe. “Easy” is a sexy 50’s style slow dance. The story on “Changing” provides the album with some of its best lyrics. The closing track “Different Kind” is beautiful and calming. The song keeps itself slow until the end when it opens up into a jam that overtakes the listener."

"Lisa Mac Releases Picnic to the Rumor"

Picnic - Debut Album by Lisa Mac

The first single, Picnic, is a catchy reggae-infused confessional that lays out the moral of the Picnic story: It's my picnic. It's my parade. The next singles keep the upbeat pace with Apron Strings, a gritty sounding Southern blues song with frenetic pounding bass and snare that will make you want to hit repeat. Next is Changing - a more laid back 70s type of groove where we see our narrator beginning to fall in love again, saying "Don't promise me forever, cause forever isn't true, everything's changing, I like the way I'm changing with you."
Lisa Mac Music - Picnic Live

Lisa Mac Music - Picnic Live